I am definitely not upset with this gown, but I’m having a hard time mustering up aggressive feelings for it.


I love the brightness, and the metallic accessories, and the fact that it mostly fits. I’m not that thrilled with the fact that it can’t make itself look crisp. It basically comes off like a very serviceable fallback option — as if Zooey hunted high and low but nobody sent her anything more interesting, so she grabbed the safest thing she could find that didn’t also give her narcolepsy. It IS interesting to see her move so definitively away from the whole darling-hipster aesthetic, but there isn’t a transitive property at work that makes IT interesting as well.

This was amusing, though:


She had that crinkly eyed pucker-smile a lot. I can’t tell if it was bright out, or EVERYONE is having a Lea Michele moment these days, or if she’s trying — and failing — to hide a deep-seated vendetta against someone near her on the red carpet. I’m a glutton for drama, so let’s pretend she’s in a feud with Michelle Dockery that threatens to rend time and space.

[Photos: Fame/Flynet]