As usual, the contenders might not necessarily be who you’d have chosen. But we can’t run a hundred-person poll; we had to winnow it down somehow, so we went with our basic feelings, and then sprinkled in a few that you had super positive reactions to that might not have lined up with ours. I’m certain we missed some. Please be kind; no one will lose a Nobel Prize because of this.

Someone had asked if we’d be doing a separate best-worst for men, and right now the answer is no. We understand the issues: a guy in a dashing suit probably won’t defeat a glorious gown, and I suspect there is some concern Billy Porter will win all of these forevermore. And he might! But in an era where people are feeling confident expressing that their gender is not something so rigidly defined, we don’t want to be forcing people into one corner or the other. [EDITED TO NOTE: The person who asked was in no way disrespecting these issues; it’s a totally legit question, especially based on how we’ve done “Dudes of…” posts in the past, and Jessica and I happily discussed it because we agreed it was worth discussing. We happened to have eradicated the “Dudes of…” post at this awards show and it felt like doing the polls this way was a good continuation of that.]  Maybe there’s a perfect solution yet to be discovered, but for now we’re putting the contenders all in together, and hey, if this is one arena in which a man in a suit probably won’t come out on top, then I am actually FINE WITH THAT.

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