I am so thrilled by this:

62nd Annual Primetime Emmy Awards - Arrivals

Heather Morris of Glee here has shown up on these pages before, and not in the good way. But she’s HILARIOUS on Glee — not to mention an amazing dancer — so I am seriously beyond pleased that she pulled it out so gorgeously on Sunday night. In fact — this will surprise none of you who are aware of my predilection for SHINY — this may have been my very favorite dress of the Emmys. Bonus: I love her hair and make-up, too. I’m sure her character, Brittany, would have some dead-pan non sequitor reaction to this, like, “I ate a squirrel for breakfast,” or “I once drank the blood of the innocent. It tasted like Strawberry Quik,” or something, but I personally will just settled for: Well played, Heather.