We just saw a very similar take on this style from Elizabeth Olsen, who wore the Juan Carlos Obando version.

In the interests of fairness, both this and the Obando are Fall 2015, so more a case of mind meld than anything sinister. Fug Nation rather liked the unusual look of Elizabeth’s outfit, even though to me it billowed too much to be flattering. The crisp white of Elizabeth’s was nice, though, as was the lack of midriff, but Jennifer’s is better fitted — even though it also looks like a GIANT sash that’s meant to read MISS UPDO AMERICA 2015. In the final analysis I think this looks a little crackpotty on her at an Emmys bash, and I would’ve sooner busted it out at a premiere or a pre-party. But bless her for never being boring.

[Photo: Getty]