I love this picture:

Hugh Laurie looks crotchety, and Claire Danes looks bored — just the way I like both of them. I also would like to give Claire — and the camera person who brought this moment to us — props for the TOTALLY skeptical face she made when Gwyneth Paltrow swept onstage to present the final award of the evening. Her face said, so eloquently, “WTF is Gwynnie WEARING?” And it made me chuckle. But let’s take a better look at what Angela Chase is wearing. (Do you think she gets sick of people calling her that? Or of people coming up to her and telling her that they love the way So-and-So leans on things? And by “people,”  I mean predominantly 35 year old women.)

I love this. Sure, it’s a little tight at the top, maybe, but otherwise I think it’s divine, like a groovy mosaic at the bottom of the most amazing swimming pool. (I promise that’s a compliment.) Bonus points for not being a) a mermaid dress, b) red, c) BORING.