I think Taraji did the chains better.

Don’t get me wrong — I actually like them more than I expected to, but they might be too aggressive; Taraji’s were more subtle, if employing chains on one’s clothes could ever be considered so. However, I think the fabric is deliciously disco and the color is great. So I am on board with the GENERAL concept of this gown. Where it loses me: Claire seems to like a slouchy tank-style cut of bodice, and I think it does her no favors. And then there’s the pinned-up bob. That effect NEVER looks like anything except the times I would imagine myself with short hair by tucking it into my shirt and then fluffing it out to chin-length. Change up the hair — or cut it for real, Angela Chase! — and raise up the scoop, and have a nonjudgmental conversation about whether it needs the splits or the chains down the side, and I am more likely to step on board this bandwagon.

[Photo: Getty]