I can call them Tina and Amy, right? Because we’re imaginary buddies who like ginger-flavored cocktails and watching Sleepy Hollow and inventing Revenge drinking games and discussing whether the Hallmark Channel is real or just a mindworm that was implanted by The Establishment. And while we’re hopped up on alcoholized ginger — I’m really into alcoholized ginger right now, y’all — and discussing Sleepy Hollow before playing Revenge bingo and hate-watching That Show With Andie MacDowell And Lots Of Cardigans, one of them will try on her Emmy dress for the other two, and I’ll suggest that it might be a hair too tight JUST A HAIR, and we’ll all toast Get-A-Grip Friends and eat cheese and then answer important questions like, “Why is Chuck Lorre?” and “Y’know. What’s it LIKE?” We have a really good relationship.

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