This dress is… fine. It’s not the most flattering thing I’ve ever seen on Connie Britton’s body, but I’m not going to throw a tantrum over it, either.

However, what is happening with her hair? Here’s the deal: We love her, as you know, and we also have serious Connie Britton Hair Envy. From Friday Night Lights to American Horror Story and now probably to Nashville, she’s proven that she has cultivated one of the most impressive heads of hair in this whole town. It’s long, it’s flowing, it’s thick, it shows no signs of stopping. If I had that hair, I’d probably rub it in people’s faces so thoroughly that my will would mandate that my heirs make a wig out of it and then wave it around on a stick during the eulogy. Yes, I would taunt everyone from the Great Beyond with a wig on a stick. So I’m not sure why she pinned it up this way. It’s not quite a ponytail; it just looks like she pinned it to shorten it from its natural length (she didn’t cut it), and the result is a half-baked thing that’s too cutesy for her and reminds me a little of someone in my first grade class photo. With her follicular blessings, I feel like… either wear it all up, or unleash the beast, you know? Don’t live in Middle Earth. That’s where crabby power-hungry eyeballs do business.

[Photo: Getty]