It goes without saying that her lipstick is great, but I’m going to say it anyway.

This face says, “I’m walking this red carpet while Downton is premiering in the UK, and I know what happens and I’m not going to tell you except that EDITH FINALLY SHOOTS MARY OUT OF A CANNON. Just kidding. Perhaps.”

Let’s take a look at the whole gown:

Things I’m a fan of: the pattern, her head. Things I’m not particularly a fan of: The strings, the prairie-like seams cutting her into thirds. Things I don’t dislike as much as I thought I would: that black translucent panel. Things that are poorly done: this post. I’m sorry. I’m just too hypnotized by the image of Poor Edith stuffing her sister into a hole and then lighting the fuse and firing her into Wales.

[Photos: Getty]