Well, we can all give a cheers to Zooey Deschanel not showing up at the Emmys looking like she just rolled off the cover of Entertainment Tweekly.

But, even though that ice blue is fabulous with her eyes, I think she pushed herself too far the other way. This is a bit stiff and matronly. The wearer of this dress should be some fabulously jaded, cynical fifty-something former trophy wife who makes one of her son-in-law’s groomsman check her stockings for runs, wink-wink, and then makes a man out of him in the coatroom.

Emily didn’t fare so well either:

If it had been strapless, I might not mind, but that sleeve — and what I suspect is an improperly fitted midriff — drag this thing into marm territory as well. In the above scenario, she’s the gentle-tempered sister of Zooey’s drunken grande dame, and she sits at the table all night surreptitiously drinking everyone else’s Champagne dregs because she’s in love with Zooey’s 75-year old wheelchair-bound cuckold and can’t ever tell him. As much as I love a good boozy family drama, I wish they’d wait on dressing for it until they’re closer to the right ages.

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