Oh, man:

At the Carolina Herrera show at Fashion Week, we heard Olivia Munn say she was just about to pop backstage and pick out something to wear to the Emmys, and this, apparently, got the nod. I love the color, but here is the problem: presumably, she picked from the samples, as this dress literally just came down the runway on Tuesday. And Olivia Munn — like nearly everyone in the world, including many, many many many actors — is not a sample size.  And therefore, this doesn’t fit. Which must have been very disappointing: How exciting it would be to pop backstage at Carolina Herrera and pick something out! But at the same, is this not a predictable outcome from the point-of-view of….several people involved in this?

On the other hand, whenever I imagine these fittings, I also imagine the PR people and the stylists being like, “maybe we try something else?” and the star is all, “NO THIS IS IT” and everyone else is all, “….all right, if you say so,” and certainly Olivia Munn has options in terms of what to put on her body, given that she surely does have a stylist on hand and said stylist probably has….or maybe she doesn’t have a stylist, and that explains….or….yes. Here we are. The question of WHY THIS DRESS has sent me down the Emmy Afternoon-After Wormhole. Thank god it’s nearly cocktail hour.