I am secretly really excited to write this, because it means I get to tell my Mayim Bialik story, which I may have already told, but I am going to TELL AGAIN:

Okay, so I attended UCLA during the Golden Years of Teen TV Stars. I studied there at the same time as: Evie from Out of This World; The Wonder Years’ Winnie Cooper, with whom I took a film class, and I can assure you that when she asked a question from the back row on the first day of class, EVERYONE in the rows in front of her made the, “Hey, I know that voice HOLY SHIT WINNIE COOPER” face, however briefly; Blossom here; and, everyone’s secret favorite, STEVE URKEL, who totally rolled with the basketball team (which was pretty hot social property, especially in 1995) and who once got called up at halftime to play the Super Shot (the game where you get sixty seconds to make every shot from a lay-up to a half-court, and if you succeed, you get tuition paid for the next quarter; he did not win, although in fairness, he may have realized that it would have been bad PR to win that). And one day I was in Ackerman, the student union, buying a notebook or something, and who rolls by me but Mayim Bialik, with her hair dyed green, wearing a Girl Scout uniform, and pulling all her school supplies in a Little Red Wagon. I ran right upstairs to the coffee house and said to my roommate, “OH MY GOD, YOU ARE NOT GOING TO BELIEVE WHAT BLOSSOM IS WEARING RIGHT NOW.” My first fug! Anyway, my point is that Mayim Bialik has ALWAYS been really bad at dressing her age.

Although, in fairness, her face looks great!