The dress itself isn’t really my issue here.

There’s a very pretty idea here that’s been crossed with a very gentle craft project. And then it was crossed with a really aggressive one: the braid. I HATE the braid. It makes me CAPSY. The fake-hair sheen is punching me in the face. It looks like she scalped half an American Girl store and then went a-weavin’.

It’s not even affixed winningly to her head. Who did this to her? It was Georgia’s first Emmys, presumably, as she’s one of the unknown faces this fall (she’s the female lead on The New Normal), and she’s lovely and frankly did not deserve that rope from hell. Somebody should have told her to leave the fake hair to the experts for now. Synthetic Heidi is not something you do without an advanced degree in this stuff — and even then, it’s risky, like deciding to yodel your thesis rather than type it.

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