Cobie Smulders is both lovelier and more interesting than this.

That’s true in general, and particularly accurate when it comes to the bodice. What is HAPPENING there? It’s making shrinky-dinks out of her chest. Between this and Zosia Mamet and Michelle Dockery and even Kate Mara… am I the only person out there who’s worried about the boobs? Am I their only champion? Am I the Mammarial Crusader? If so, then I guess I should borrow Zosia’s nipple armor and hit the streets.

Cobie did fare better at the EW pre-party:

That, to me, is nifty. If she can get Valentino on the horn and order up one of these, why is a baby-pink satin melon-mauler the best she did for the big night?

[Photo: Getty]