If you’re a Hollywood star, and you’re pregnant, I would think awards season is an excellent time to do it. No Spanx, no sucking it in, no worries about whether you ate too many cheeseburgers in your hotel room before getting in the car. You can just let it all hang out and make the most of not caring what your stomach is doing. So freeing!

That’s why this was so disappointing for me. First, from a design perspective, I’m bored. If this were the back, we’d be wondering if it had gotten stuck in her panties during a bathroom stop. But beyond that, it felt so blah, so uninspired, as if she hoped that from the front nobody would notice or remember she is pregnant. I’m not saying a lady has to go so skintight that we can see how your belly-button is progressing, but…  why not relax and enjoy it and have a little more fun with the whole thing? At least walk the red carpet with a sandwich, just to taunt people: “Hey, how’s that corset? DIG MY MEATBALLS ON BREAD?”

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