Our friends at Alexander McQueen had an excellent night at the BAFTAs. Their big score, of course, was the Duchess of Cambridge — a loyal customer, to be sure, but this¬†was a big night — but Emily Blunt is no slouch. This is simultaneously glorious and beautiful and also extremely wacky. The bodice looks like a tapestry you’d see on a spectacular folding screen that a sad, aristocratic second daughter would change behind while whining to her lady’s maid about how an old man with huge teeth left her at the altar.¬† Um. I mean that in a good way. I have very positive feelings about tapestries on folding screens.

I also have thoughts about her skirt, which seems loony tunes to me, but at the same time I cannot think of a better way to create a skirt that goes well with your Folding Screen Tapestry Top, which this — despite its lunacy — does. I might have argued in favor of Tapestry All The Way Down, but the folks Alexander McQueen still don’t listen to me.

[Photo: Alexander McQueen, Getty Images]