Emily Blunt’s new series, The English, is a Western. In the past she’s been tempted to go on-theme for her events, but I am both happy and sad to inform you that she’s avoided going full cowboy at these. However, in pants, she’s occasionally without feet. Like so:


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I don’t know why it’s so much odder to see no feet in a gown than it is with pants, but it is. It’s like the ring of the pant hem is what’s holding her up, or something. I don’t ENTIRELY know how to solve the footless problem, as I can see the look she’s going for; pointy-toed shoes, maybe? The general vibe of the outfit works, and the color is divine. It’s better than the last one in the slideshow, for sure.

Did my shameless hook entice you? DID IT?

[Photos: Raymond Hall, James Devaney, Gotham/GC Images, MediaPunch/Shutterstock]