I was really, really underwhelmed by Emily Blunt’s Golden Globes styling, especially because she’d been pulling much niftier stuff in the run-up, including at some of the premieres. I don’t know if they decided the movie is twee enough that she should dress in a more subdued palette, or what, but a) “subdued” is generally not a word associated with the Globes and frankly I miss a time when it was wackier there; and b) boo! Live a little! Like she did in Palm Springs, when she dropped a slick red Roland Mouret on us and then chased it with this rainbow sorbet of a Roksanda:

Creative Impact Awards and 10 Directors to Watch Brunch

I love it. What a perfect day dress for an event that’s so chill it doesn’t even use red OR CARPET for its red carpet. This is fruity and fanciful, like a bag of Starburst, but without the threat of making you queasy if you overindulge.

Danai went with bolder colors, and looked super doing it:

Creative Impact Awards and 10 Directors to Watch Brunch

That Ferragamo is totally different from Emily’s, yet still captures the same vibe, which I imagine to be Laid-Back Daytime Whatever In The Desert. Yes, of course I’m going to ring the bell for more exotic shoes than the nude-look option, but on the whole I think both of these women nailed it. Unfortunately only Danai chased that with Globes excellence, but that’s okay; Emily has plenty of time to wake up the echoes.

[Photos: WENN]