Elton John’s last North American concert appearance — which I may believe when I see it, as he’s still in great voice and his fingers still dance on the keys — was Sunday night, and Disney+ livestreamed it. I went on Saturday night, and it was so mean, because they ran the welcome message announcing all the special guests… none of whom we got, because the message was just a tech rehearsal for Sunday. (They were clearly recording it for posterity/future concert film release/backup in case of emergency.) We didn’t miss them in the end, though; if Dodger Stadium had a roof then he’d have blown it clear off. It was amazing and sort of cheesy in parts and very, very loving, and I hope all these celebs who got a red-carpet experience on Sunday enjoyed themselves immensely. But I have to admit, I expected it to be a LOT more star-studded. I love Elton, and Elton loves Elton, but mainly Elton really REALLY loves other famous people, so… I’m honestly a little surprised there weren’t more of them in attendance. Maybe they’re all holding out for his last London show.

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