She’s doing the usual round of Waving at People While She Walks Into and Out of Places because she’s promoting The Girl From Plainville, the Hulu limited series about the Michelle Carter case, specifically adapted from this (excellent) Esquire piece. I’m sure it’s always a little awkward to figure out how to dress when you’re promoting a project where you play someone who has done something terrible; you’re just the actor and you bear no personal responsibility, so you don’t need to show up in something extremely low key, but you also probably don’t want to pop up in something extremely frivolous for a chat show where I assume you will be talking about the facts of the case, at least nominally. So while I actually think she looks excellent in both of these looks, I might have gone in a slightly less flashy direction had I been in charge.

Celebrity Sightings In New York City - March 30, 2022

This one, in particular, feels very Glamorous Widow, which is a genre I love, but maybe not when you’re promoting a project where you’re playing a real person who allegedly talked someone into taking their own life. I think I would have veered more Low Key Luxe Neutral for Colbert. I would note that I kind of feel like premieres are different than talk shows — premieres feel like they exist inside a snow globe where anything goes and you should be as OTT as you want regardless of the project to me. So maybe I’m wrong here — what do you think?

[Photos: Raymond Hall/GC Images]