Dolph Lundgren and Grace Jones look (a) incredibly cute here and (b) also like this is a still shot from a romantic comedy where he’s the by-the-book cop and she’s the glamorous singer he falls in love with when she helps him go undercover to infiltrate a drug ring headed by her arch nemesis (played by Catherine Oxenberg). They OBVIOUSLY destroy Oxenberg and then get married. I approve! (In real life, they’re attending something surely entertaining called the “Grace Jones Concert Party” on New Year’s Eve, 1984 at a place called the Kamikaze Club in NYC. They dated for four years and he did, in fact, used to be her bodyguard. It seems she saw him at a club and talked him into this, rather than that she hired him from 1-800-BODYGUARD or however people got bodyguards in the 80s, and she also talked him into not going to MIT on a Fulbright to study chemical engineering but instead to come with her to New York. Wait, maybe I want this movie, instead. Fun fact: Bruce Willis was a bartender at the Kamikaze Club. He can play himself!]

(Photo by Ron Galella/Ron Galella Collection via Getty Images)