Things are really, uh, all over the place right now — how’s that for a euphemism?!  — but why not take in this photo, file it away into your subconscious, and then wait for it to pop out into one of your most distressing stress dreams? You’re welcome!

I’m sure you want to know what Informative Caption says about, er, all this. Please be aware that this Informative Captioneer has a passion for capitalization (in full disclosure, I suspect that this was a requirement of how they filed to the copy desk or whatever back in 1971), a distaste for commas, and honestly a comedic flair for these things that I find delightful:

It’s Not Every Day That The Queen Meets A Fox — Particularly In A West End Cinema. But Queen Elizabeth II And Princess Anne (now The Princess Royal) Were Welcomed By Mr Fox Of Ambleside – Alias Robert Mead Of The Royal Ballet – When They Went To The Premiere Of The Tales Of Beatrix Potter At The Abc Cinema In Shaftesbury Avenue London Last Night. The Queen Wore A Pink Evening Dress Princess Anne Wore A Green Silk Dress. Mr Fox Wore His Best Russet Fur. In The Film Members Of The Royal Ballet Dance Their Parts Of Miss Potter’s Animal Characters That Have Delighted Generations Of Children. The Premiere Raised About 12,000 For The Royal Ballet School.

(a) The Queen’s look at this point is such that I have NO IDEA what year it is and, in fact, would have guessed ten years earlier.

(b) I assume Annie is huddled behind the fox.

(c) Can we please get comment from the cast of The Fantastic Mr. Fox immediately? Thanks.

[Photo by Wilkinson/Daily Mail/Shutterstock]