Some of it’s cute. Some of it’s sheer. Some of it’s layered. Some of it’s bras. It’s a high-fashion grab bag. Vogue slobbered all over it — “buy now, wear forever pieces” — and I am not sure I would go that far, but at least the words CHRISTIAN DIOR aren’t stamped all over it.

The inspiration was Catherine Dior, Christian’s sister, and per the same article:

Catherine, the “Miss” of Miss Dior, was a resistance fighter and concentration camp prisoner who emerged from the rubble of World War II to become an acclaimed gardener and botanist. She literally grew her way out of the postwar gloom with roses and wildflowers galore. Seventy years later we are on the verge of environmental disaster, and (horribly) internment camps abound: Ethically, historically, metaphorically, Dior-ifically, Grazia and Dior are on point.

The Wikipedia page has more details. She was also tortured, and worked in Polish intelligence! Where is HER movie?

Also: All of the more than 100 trees flown in for the set are being re-planted in community gardens around Paris.

[Photos: Imaxtree]