Dianna is promoting a movie called Shiva Baby, the plot of which you can read here, and for two events she went in two different sartorial directions. This Miu Miu manages to be pretty good on her, even though it also gives off the vibe of a girl at the high-school sock hop whose boyfriend just officially gave her his favorite formal cardigan. She later changed into an Oscar de la Renta…

'Shiva Baby' film premiere, JW Marriott DTLA, Los Angeles, California, USA - 01 Apr 2021

… which is more of a “I’m getting an award at our reunion 25 years later and I can’t wait to tell that pathetic cheating jackass that I burned his cardigan” vibe. I support it, but it would be better if it didn’t look like she finished her hair in the bathroom with the hands-free dryer.

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