Dolce & Gabbana staged their menswear and Alta Moda shows in Sicily this past weekend, and while I am relieved to note that it was not the embarrassing spectacle of their last one, Instagram was still full of stylists showing the views from their hotel rooms and thanking the brand. I am curious how much of it was comped, but I’m tempted to guess… all, if not most?

Lupita Nyong’o and her stylist Micaela Erlanger are big fans of D&G, so their presence was not a surprise, and Lupita wore at least four things that I can find in the course of her trip. The one above has couture luau vibes that are a little odd? And then there’s this:


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I am at least pleased to see people using more and more archival work, in general, although I can’t tell from the wording whether this was pulled from them or simply remade in the original design’s image (which definitely undoes the whole feel-good sustainable aspect). I am not sure this was particularly worth it.

Lupita cracks wise about her hairdo in this series of pics:


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We’ve long said that if you’re going to wear D&G, hopefully it’s at least something that’s uniquely them and not a custom piece you could’ve gone to anyone to make. This definitely qualifies. So many of the gowns that scream D&G to me also remind me of Italian porcelain, and here is an ace example. It’s really beautiful. The kind of thing where you go, “Ugh, they seem terrible, but… dammit. I get the temptation.”

And another one:

It’s theatrical and cool and I get it, even if I wish things were different.

Here is one more example, courtesy of Ms. Mariah Carey:


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It’s just… really really good, and exactly what you come to D&G for; in that sense, from a D&G planning perspective anyway, it’s a shame she wore it to their event where it’s surrounded by a bunch of other D&G and therefore less likely to stand out on its own merits? Maybe? Does that make sense?

Dame Helen Mirren is, as ever, on this train, in a gown whose own train — and everything else, in fact — is entertainingly Extra:


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But my lasting impression of it is that it belongs as a colorway for a D&G Home line of duvet covers and throw pillows.


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I do not care for the baggy see-through sleeves on this. This one falls into the bucket marked Classic D&G Motifs That Do Nothing For Me.


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This is hilarious, and also extremely on-point for our sweet flower child and Flower Beauty cofounder Drew Barrymore, although I admit I’m a little surprised to see her at this. Not for any reason other than Drew Barrymore doesn’t seem like someone who cares that much about going to big poncey bloated fashion extravaganzas, but she is definitely juicing her styling right now so perhaps that’s the motivation. (That, or the free hotel room.) I like this on her — the core dress itself seems like something anyone could have made, but the sleeves and headdress are right on-point for what this brand likes to do. It’s very Midsommar. Now I want to see Midsommar II starring Drew Barrymore. A Midsommar Night’s Drew. It would be exactly the same but all of the sacrificial stuff would come with hugging and tender speeches of support — you know, “I truly LOVE this journey for you” when people are stuffed into animal carcasses, etc.

If you swipe to the second slide of Drew’s carousel, you’ll see what Sharon Stone wore to the Alta Moda show. It’s pants with a bustier and a MASSIVE floral train. Sharon herself did not devote a whole post on her own Instagram to that one, which is a bummer because I’d have liked to see more, and the look she wore to the menswear event is ehhhh:


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It feels like a watered down take on the first one.

Lucy Hale got in on the action too:


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It’s… you know. I wish it were lined. ‘Twas ever thus.

Heidi Klum went with a party jumpsuit:


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It’s fine and also you could have told me any of eight other designers made it, and I wouldn’t have questioned you.

Ciara and Russell Wilson brought the family:


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They look dressed for a lavish vow renewal.

Kris Jenner came dressed as a clown:


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But I think the biggest surprise for me was that Ellen Pompeo, her husband, and her three kids all flew over for it. Meredith Grey usually keeps it a lot lower-key than that. I hope they had fun, took in the sights, and did not — as has been the case with SO MANY people I know who are traveling — pick up any Covid-y souvenirs along the way.