I have a super important question about this remake. Disclaimer: I love Emma Thompson and find her to be delightful in everything, and that may eventually extend to her singing “Beauty and the Beast” in her role as Mrs. Potts. I don’t know; I’ve not heard it. But please explain to me why you cast Audra McFreakingDonald AS THE WARDROBE, when a) she would’ve made a lovely Mrs. Potts, during which b) SHE WOULD HAVE SUNG THE SHIT OUT OF ‘BEAUTY AND THE BEAST’ DURING THE DANCE AND WE ALL WOULD HAVE CRIED. In the original, I know Angela Lansbury did a gentler, more grandmotherly version so that Celine Dion could blow it out of the water later, and maybe they decided again not to have someone in the movie who could overshadow Ariana Grande’s radio track. But… who cares about Ariana Grande? YOU HAVE AUDRA MCDONALD ON YOUR PAYROLL. GIVE HER THE SIGNATURE SONG.

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