This dress reminds me a tad of what Monse may have been going for with the infamous floral toilet seat gown, except a thousand times better executed, and without the Pavlovian reaction of the scent of industrial hand soap. This bodice does, I suppose, still evoke household products — a very glamorous sparkly linen napkin from the funeral of an eccentric billionairess, mayhap, drizzled artfully onto a lady’s chair when she gets up to powder her nose.

But the fit on the top is precise and perfectly places it on her body, and the skirt is a nice complement. Her Revlon contract is once again bearing beautiful fruit on her face. I’ve decided it’s all working for me, and we’re not even at any of the majors yet. If Awards Season is like the old BCS/New Year’s Day bowl games, then the Critics’ Choice Awards are, say, the Weedeater Independence Bowl, or the Chick Fil-A Bowl: a win’s a win, but they’re mostly just fun to watch while you’re waiting for the big dance. Here’s hoping she’s got even better arsenal for those.

[Photo: Fame/Flynet]