This was the premiere as, as you can tell from the step-and-repeat, the BBC series Planet Earth III, which is the third iteration of their Planet Earth series and not a doc about Earth III, the planet we’re all gonna have to move to eventually because we messed up the first two. ANYWAY, Shailene there — who I’ve missed! — looks slouchy and cool, although I do wonder if this look would be ever so slightly better if her trousers rode a BIT higher toward her waist? But I dig the vibe.

Another vibe:

BBC Studios Global Launch Of

Bella Ramsey is 20 years old and this is perfectly kicky and casual on them. They look like a cool college student off to art class — and like someone who would be a fun hang.

Obviously, Agent Scully cares about the earth:

BBC Studios Global Launch Of

And speaking of college, she looks groovily professorial and I will be going to office hours.

[Photos: Dave Benett/Getty Images]