Nina Dobrev continued her Reign of Adorability at Comic-Con this weekend. Sure, she didn’t go to the EW party (or, at least, didn’t walk the press line), but she still brought it with this dress:

Seriously, so cute. I just want to wear this and twirl around in it. You guys know I can not resist a good ladylike day-dress. Too bad 90% of my life only requires me to make sure I take off my pajamas every now and then. On the other hand, I’m hella lazy, so maybe the universe is in balance after all.

I’m less enamored of Nina’s other Comic-Con outfit, although I think she looks great from the waist up:

I actually don’t HATE this — I’m not 100% opposed to shorts on a hot weekend day at a casual event (hell, I’m wearing shorts now, in the press-filled pressure cooker that is my living room) — but I wish she were wearing sandals. Or even Converse. What do you think?

[Photos: Pac Coast News]