This time next year, the Os will most likely be having a much smaller Easter party on their much smaller lawn. As much as it’s a huge rigamarole, I bet the ex-presidents all miss this stuff; this feels like one of the few simple and joyful things they get to do amid all that gnarly high pressure. Poor Barry and Mo. Especially when Sasha and Malia have actual egg rolls delivered to them as a prank.

Beyonce and Jay Z showed up to support, and her outfit has to be seen to be believed:

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Say WHAT??? It’s like a fashion junkyard. A trend salad. A volcanic sneeze of fug. Lace tablecloth + slip + half-corset + visible bra + prim blouse + chunky heeled sandals = The Pussycat Dolls doing Anne of Green Gables with tearaway clothes. The skirt may be see-through, also, which you can see a little bit here (Bey is pictured with two artists she just signed).


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It’s more FABRIC than the time Ariana Grande wore a sweater with Go Go boots, but somehow the effect is just as odd. THE BUTTONS DON’T EVEN WANT TO STAY CLOSED.