Initially, I loved this. But that’s because in the tiny thumbnail version, my eye didn’t discern the strip of skin disrupting the flow; when I thought this was a summery strapless dress, maybe one gigantic hat short of a Polo match, I thought it was perfect. But now… WHY is it a tube top? What is that adding to the festivities? If the skirt had been a solid color, then a separate top would’ve made a louder statement, but as it is… it’s just getting in the way how how I REALLY want it to look. I do love that Cobie is dipping into patterns, though — she’s been one to watch this year — and if we could just scrape a brush through her hair we’d be in business. Also, this photo makes me want her and the divine Melanie Lynskey to play sisters in something. Where is THAT movie or hit TV show? Hollywood, perk up your ears, please.

[Photo: Getty]