Now, don’t get me wrong. SO SHINY isn’t necessarily bad — we are, after all, talking about the erstwhile Robin Sparkles — but I wonder if this needs a little fixing. Cobie is attending the opening night party for Present Laughter, a Broadway production of a Noel Coward play in which she stars, and therefore I cannot ding her for having what I call Under Wig Hair, due to the fact that this hair was literally recently under a wig. I am many things, but I am not the kind of monster who thinks you should waste an hour after your opening night fixing your hair before going to the party celebrating said opening night. My thought: Would this whole thing work better if it were considerably shorter? This length, to me, requires Elegant Hair and Makeup, or you just sort of look like you’re standing in the dressing room trying it on rather than actually wearing it out. I just want to race up to her, slice a good 8 inches off the bottom of this, and then dash away into the night. The red carpet avenger strikes again!

[Photo: Getty]