I realize that my headline and that photo are in direct contrast, but I could not resist that pic of her pulling that face. Long may she reign.

In other news, this dress is fine:

Unsane Premiere During the 68th Berlin International Film Festival

But I wish it were a color on her? It’s so delicate and slightly droopy, and the stark black makes her look a bit like Lady Mary’s tragical cousin, who’s gone up to stay with Edith and Bertie following the death of her one true love, who actually did fall down a well. Wearing this, she will slog out of the bed to which she has taken to come down for dinner, at which she will only say things like, “ultimately, our very existence is futile,” and “I think your wine is corked,” before slogging back to lie on a sofa and quietly, irritatingly weep. Bertie will be kind but unhelpful and Edith will just sort of flap her hands about it; Lady Mary will have¬†no sympathy at all.

[Photos: INSTARimages.com]