Full disclosure: I do not know when the following photo was taken; only that Cristina Erlich, presumably Ms. Baranski’s stylist, posted it to her Instagram a week ago and the noise I made when I saw it was very, very undignified:


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White furniture is such a flex, to me. It says, “I am a person who is confident that I can own this couch and keep it spotless for longer than ten minutes.” Which I am in awe of, because I am not that person. I will never be that person. I don’t understand how ANYONE can be that person, and yet they are all over, everywhere, not ruining their couches. Applause. Truly, I don’t even know if Christine Baranski owns this couch; she could be at a hotel, or on a set, and indeed probably is. Regardless: This entire thing is perfect. She is the alpha of Drinks With Broads, and I want to inhabit this universe so badly, white furniture and all. Because if I were this person, I think my wine would never spill, my lipstick would never smudge, and blisters would be afraid of ME. (Full disclosure: About five seconds after I wrote all of the above, I saw a tag on the photo suggesting the gown is D&G, which a) I would not have guessed, b) is a bummer, because it is a showstopper. I decided to share the photo anyway just because she is such a boss. She is THE boss. Let’s just… choose to believe that somebody told them it was Valentino? For all I know this photo is old, besides which, I guess we’re the only ones still banging on about D&G anyway. Nobody is going to quit them. I guess we can enjoy the seamstresses’ work while still shooting ocular daggers at the names on the label.)