I had this whole theory that Christina Hendricks got a new stylist, but I did some poking around her Instagram, and I don’t think I’m correct. But something is happening — maybe they had a meeting and re-set themselves — and I feel like she’s been looking very whimsical and fun of late. This first look is VERY Laura Ashley Comes Alive, but in a way that whimsical to me rather than stuffy — your mileage may vary, I suspect that will be divisive — and this second one is just A Reasonable Patterned Dress With Good Jewelry:

'Too Old to Die Young' TV Show screening, Amazon Studios, Los Angeles, USA - 10 Jun 2019

I’d swap out the belt, but overall, she’s looking like the wholesome queen of an 80s nighttime soap, whose oil rig-working husband just got blown up in a tragic explosion (he’ll be back later with a different face), who is gonna make it work on her moxie and smarts, and everyone loves that girl.

[Photos: Broadimage/Shutterstock, Todd Williamson/JanuaryImages/Shutterstock]