Chris Pine just got to sit down and take a break after the Dungeons & Dragons press tour, so it’s Chris Evans’s moment to see if he can slide in and convince you he’s Best Chris. While all these levels of brown don’t typically appeal to me, the outfit as a whole is a good style on him. I saw a headline from one of the men’s mags that said Chris Evans’s shirt is the PERFECT thing for Dudes Who Are Jacked And Want You To Know It, But Don’t Want To Look Porny, which… okay? I cannot relate to that problem, but I believe them that it exists. Anyway, I think this entire thing was a fashion appetizer for the main course that came at the actual premiere:

Apple Original Films' 'Ghosted' premiere, New York, USA - 18 Apr 2023

Body-con shirt, avocado pants, and a middle-distance gaze in glasses? This is an outstanding recipe. May he cook it many times.

[Photo: MediaPunch, Andrew H. Walker/Shutterstock]
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