I’m teasing about the sucking up part, although she is hanging out with Brooklyn Beckham again, and she is wearing Victoria’s line here. (If I was dating someone who’s mother was a fashion designer, I too would invest in or borrow her clothes). I actually don’t think this would be terrible on her with some adjustments — for example, lose the boots, lengthen the pants, and tone down the shiny eye-shadow. Also, can we all celebrate that she doesn’t have a choker keeping her head attached? Look how lovely and long her neck is when she’s not tying it off like a tourniquet.

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However, this Proenza denim combo is way less appealing. Chloe is REALLY picking problematic pant cuts lately — as apparently is Brooklyn, so maybe they are each other’s enablers. Also, I don’t know why a jean jacket needs shoelaces. NONE of this makes sense. Chloe, put down the Book of Brooklyn and stick to the Gospel of Posh.

[Photo: MJ Photos/WWD/REX/Shutterstock]