When I saw this pic, I thought, “this has to be a performance outfit, right?” (I also saw it on the one of our photo services that often offers me pics of random people I’ve never seen, attending events that I’ve never heard of, and at first blush, I assumed she was a woman with a rollicking dance hit on the Luxembourg pop charts who would never make it over here. Whoops. Sorry, Cheryl.) But I scrolled through the rest of the red carpet pics and while Cheryl Something Something DID perform in this, Ellie Goulding also performed at this event sporting literal cut-offs and a sweater.  So I am torn. While I am RELIEVED that Cheryl Whatever Whatever is not dressing like The Rockettes Perform Poe’s The Raven at complete random…I still have some concerns.

[Photo: Graham Finney/WENN]
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