The lady in the middle is Sofia Boutella (Star Trek Beyond, the upcoming Atomic Blonde and The Mummy), and nothing against her, but I had to tear my eyes away from the florals around her in order to notice her visible bra and baggy leather pants. (Good choice to be the meat in a pollen sandwich, then, eh?) Believe it or not, despite very very similar elements — snug skirts, tops that blouse over the midsection, neck bows, overall loudness — they are by different designers: Charlize’s is D&G, and Kirsten’s is Gucci. I guess they were having the fashion equivalent of the GFY mind meld.

I am totally on board with the patterns, but I’m not sure how well-executed they are. Charlize’s is probably a bit better, to me; Kirsten’s has a ruffle under that black tie, and between that and the telltale branding stripes that don’t remotely jibe with the color palette… It’s so much. Lord knows I love something lively — in fact, it’s a particular surprise from Charlize, who I always think of as very monochromatic — but on the design side I just wish we could take BOTH of these and hand them to, like, Naeem Khan, who would do a better job working them into a magical shape.

[Photo: Getty]