Chanel continues to try the most to convince everyone that they’re young and fresh and indie and cool, when in fact they are CHANEL. Chanel is a classic. Chanel is expensive! And getting more expensive! This ongoing ploy on their part to pretend they’re the Young Hot Line For Cool Kids is so wack to me; they never will be that AND IT’S OKAY. People are still buying your now insanely pricey handbags! (I once bought a classic flap, used, for like $2000 after a night out and four Aperol Spritzes and returned it as soon as it arrived, because I am not a Chanel Bag Person — I think they’re beautiful, it just didn’t feel like me — and now I wish I’d held onto it to sell now. Who knew they were going to appreciate so insanely?!?) Anyway, this event was absolutely PACKED with celebs, but I think Katie Holmes takes this one.

[Photos: Andrew H. Walker/Shutterstock]