On the very bright side, this is much more fashion-y and architectural and unexpected than anything Heidi has worn in a long time. It’s almost like she remembered that she’s a supermodel who has the body for things that don’t involve a minimum rating of PG-13.

But. Always a but with me. For whatever reason, Roland Mouret clothes often makes me think: a) napkin-folding seminar, b) melted origami, and c) a hair too tight. All of those things are true again here, proving that sometimes even the most noble experiments **

** Apparently our blogging software ate the end of the above sentence when it published the post. I have decided that’s an act of the tech gods, because they didn’t like whatever I wrote, so maybe y’all can finish it better.  How would YOU complete the thought? “Sometimes even the most noble experiments…” what? Should get tabled? Explode the beaker? Emit noxious fumes? WHAT.

[Photo: Getty]

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