Zoe Saldana looks a lot better in this than she has a right to, given that she’s wearing more netting than a hockey goal.

But in general this is expending a whole lot of energy for not that grand an effect. It’s one part something I’ve seen a thousand times and don’t wish to revisit (the see-through skirt; ARE WE DONE YET, FASHION INDUSTRY?) and then it trots out pointless elbow windows in an effort to either surprise us, or make us paranoid about whether we’re moisturizing our joints enough and/or have to cut all the middles out of our shirt sleeves. What would you tweak, Fug Nation? Solid sleeves? Solid skirt? Scrap the full-length and make it a respectable cocktail frock, but keep the Wonder Woman cuffs? Sew a matching lasso of truth to her knickers? I wrote “knockers” first by accident, but I suppose that’s an option as well.

[Photo: Getty]