A few things:

1) I misread my own headline here MULTIPLE TIMES as, “Celine Dion Has Discovered Murder,” which I assume is not true, but which would make a superb television show;

2) I also misread a poster for her upcoming tour, “Courage,” as being, “Carnage”;

3) Is my psyche sincerely concerned about Celine Dion, or just trying to cast her on Killing Eve?

While we ponder the nuances of that train of thought, I’m delighted that Celine has NOT yet discovered murder, but rather the Richard Quinn collaboration for Moncler. She is the perfect person to sashay the streets in this frothy mod funk. I am only sad she didn’t go all the way and wear the headpiece. In these dark and dreary times, which may only get darker and drearier if we’re all told to stay inside for weeks at a time, bless Celine for giving us a little light.

Celebrity Sightings In New York City - February 29, 2020

And it feels so her to turn jeans and boots into a full-on glamour catwalk Make Your Own Wind ANTM moment. Bless her dramatique heart.

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