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Truly, Kate is TRYING SOME THINGS lately and while I don’t always love what she is trying, I appreciate this journey into the Dark Night of the Soul Transforming into perhaps, a Noted Kook — a development I admit I did not anticipate from Kate. Anyway, this aggressively neck-ruffled number is vintage Oscar de la Renta dating from I know not when, and I feel like I’m always squawking that people need to wear more vintage more often and I am sincerely happy to see Kate taking up that mantle. (Obviously, Anne wears vintage from her own closet often, and Meghan had some tremendous vintage coats during her pregnancy, so perhaps three is a royal-family trend.) More vintage for everyone all the time! It’s sustainable and interesting.  (Sometimes maybe too interesting.)

I wish I were at the Museum of Literature Ireland RIGHT NOW:

This is logically interesting:

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