Originally I thought this was one half of a column dress that exploded into a sarong made from her hotel bedding. I now wish that’s all it was. Rather, it’s a cropped sweater paired with a skirt that’s part-cummerbund, part-Bed In A Bag. It’s not an embarrassment on her, or anything; she won’t wake up in a frosty sweat tonight, the dying embers of a hot scream still ringing through her penthouse suite. (Or, she might, but just for the regular reasons: an Apple News alert.) But the component parts of this make me wonder how they could’ve been composed better. Say, the sweater, but with a solid-colored skirt that picks one shape and sticks to it. Or a dress in the vein of the top that simply continues all the way down, or the sweater and a matching patterned skirt, or… you could honestly mix and match ideas and probably get something that’s a bit less puzzling than this, and certainly more appealing to sit in, or wrangle in a cramped bathroom stall.

[Photo: WENN]