I promise that with this Womb Watch, we are not suggesting Kerry Washington looks heavy in any way.  We have all seen Kerry Washington on countless red carpets in the last two years or so, and historically, she wears stuff that’s tailored and body-skimming. So when she begins wearing a series of things that are either a) pointedly baggy in specific places, or b) so busy and heinous that you can’t TELL what may or may not be happening in said places, it seems very fishy.

Here, we’ve got a bit of both. First:

That is a great color, and those shoes are fun — doubly so if you are a Cleveland Browns fan, I suppose, although are there any left? ZING. Just kidding. They have a better record than the Steelers. BUt anyway, this all seems sort of Pointedly Shapeless, although she’s wearing it well, if perhaps in need of some lip color.

However, this is merely what she wore TO The Daily Show. From my understanding, this is what she wore ON it:

I MEAN RIGHT? Tenty Von Tenterhausen at your service. Strange things of some ilk — be it hysterical blindness, pattern dementia, or a Uterine Secret — are definitely afoot at the Circle K.

[Photos: Fame/Flynet, WENN]