Camila’s new album is apparently called C, XOXO. Which reads like someone saying “XOXO” TO her, rather than her telling it to her fans. IS it supposed to be that way? Is her album essentially called, “Hey Camila, hugs and kisses”? I guess either way, I have notes. Much as I do with her outfit. She wore giant jeans that make her look bow-legged and a weird ventilated top to her album release party sponsored by Bacardi; while it’s not really noteworthy and being casually comfortable is theoretically fine, it’s hilarious to me that this was the best photo Getty Images got. She looks like she wandered in during spring break and is trying not to spit out the cocktail because, hey, it’s free, and she’s gotta save money while she’s finishing her environmental studies thesis.

[Photo: Dave Benett/Getty Images]