I am not sure why Camila Alves refused to say ‘Zuhair Murad” on E!; she instead whispered it to Matthew, who was like, “Zoohink?” and then their handler came to their rescue. Very strange. I would expect nothing less.


I actually think she looks beautiful in that, and as tired as I am of dresses that look like someone taped all over a person’s body, it’s a particularly exquisite execution of one from the label that LOVES to make J.Lo look naked. HOWEVER: I think being able to see the mini-skirt underneath it spoils the look and draws the eye STRAIGHT to her crotch. All right, all right, all wrong.

Matthew’s suit just makes me laugh. I love him for trying, but he really does look like a bruise. I’ve decided he did it for bromantical reasons’

They’re like fraternal fashion twins. Woody is the one who likes to keep it loose, and Matthew is all, “My brother, sometimes you have to wrap up the magic and convince the universe to give the bow a little tug.”

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