I”m having a hard time wrapping my mind around this one.

I like grey. Maybe I wish it were a more dominating grey? And I don’t dislike the basic idea, but it looks so half-hearted on her. Something is misfiring, and I can’t tell if it’s at the design phase or the tailoring, or whether the dress just plopped itself on her and then slid around a little, posture be damned, as if it just woke up an hour or two ago after a long night and it REALLY isn’t in the mood to be there but UGH there is no getting out of it so let’s just do this and then get home to a cool cloth and some Nurofen and a microwave curry.

Anyway, I’d rather discuss why all of a sudden she looks like Celine Dion to me. I NEVER thought that before; has it always been true, or is it the angle? And now, fantastic, I’ll be singing that song at the end of the Robert Redford/Michelle Pfeiffer movie and getting a little misty because I’M NOT MADE OF STONE. You’re welcome for the earworm. Let’s be earnest together.

[Photo: Splash]