Well, I accidentally first typed “Fug Crapet,” and that’s fairly apt as typos go.

Because this isn’t an actual real outfit, right? This is an exotic dancer whose boyfriend walked in during her performance and angrily grabbed a jacket from a nearby limo driver, and carried her outside and is now begging her to explain why she told him she was a law student (the answer: She knew he wouldn’t understand; she came from NOTHING, and she has to pay her tuition, and she suspected he wouldn’t be able to see the brain behind her pasties AND SHE WAS RIGHT). So, it’s basically Dancing at the Blue Iguana, but with Showgirl-style histrionics, on a Lifetime budget. Sponsored by L’Eggs. In short, it’s a grab-bag of things that shouldn’t go together, so we’ll all just look at her face and blot out the rest.

[Photo: Getty]